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Q1. Could we eat bee honey with heating water?
A1. Honey contains a few amounts of nutrients including vitamins, protein and minerals…etc. Many of these nutrients will be lost at over 65℃ and therefore, we strongly suggest dear customer do not use heating water mixed with honey. The best temperature is 45℃or less.

Q2. What is difference between natural honey and synthetic honey?


Natural Honey

Synthetic Honey








Yes, ovoid crystals

Yes, grainy crystals


Rich in fragrance



Sweet with slight of acidity

Sweet without acidity

Physical test

  • Sucrose < 5%
  • Diastase number >8U
  • High pollen grain
  • Sucrose > 5%
  • Few or no diastase
  • Few or no pollen grain

Q3. What to do if honey is crystallized?
A3. The high glucose in honey means that it tends to crystallize at low temp. (under 13℃ roughly) or when it is refrigerated for a long time. This is usual and will not affect any quality of honey. If your bee honey is crystallized, please place it into 50℃ water and stay one or two hours long. Then, it will be reduction to liquid condition.

Q4. Can baby eat honey?
A4. We do not recommend that your baby who is under 3 years old eat honey. This is because the baby’s digestive is not mature enough to resist bacteria that may be present in honey.

Q5. Can diabetics eat honey?
A5. We are afraid of that we do not recommend it. Please ask your doctor first.

Q6. How should honey be stored, and how long can it be kept?
A6. The honey that TS produces has moisture of 20% or less, which gives it a longer shelf life than other products. Our honey can generally be kept for up to two years without effect on its taste, although there may be a slight darkening in color. Honey is an entirely natural foodstuff and we strongly recommend that you finish this product before expired date.

Q7. How much Royal Jelly should I take in a day?
A7. To take 5~10g of fresh Royal Jelly each time. The best time for taking Royal Jelly is before going to bed.

Q8. How to store the Royal Jelly?
A8. Royal Jelly is very high in protein and highly susceptible to bacteria and resultant loss of quality if kept at room temp. for a long time. It should be kept refrigerated at -4℃ and will last this way for up to two years.

Q9. How to take the bee pollen and store it?
A9. To take 5~10g once a day is enough for your day nutrition. By the way, bee pollen can be kept for a short time in the cooler section of the refrigerator for easy access at any time. After open up the container, it should be kept in the freezer if it needs to be stowed for a long time. keeping bee pollen away from moisture and sunlight to ensure its freshness.
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